Turning toward the sun

When you are as pale and freckled as I have been all my life, you welcome shady spots in the garden and cool alcoves on the porch. This year has been different. So many overcast skies and thermometer readings below 60 degrees make June feel more like October. So I retreat into my studio. My garden is half planted, my bike ridden only once this spring. But my studio is brimming over with action and creativity. Make, make, make. I am compelled to get out there almost daily to turn a vision into reality. It's a comfort knowing that my creative space is just paces from my back door. When the sun returns (and they say that may happen this week), I'll gladly step into it and soak it in and turn to the next outdoor activity. But until then, I am beyond grateful to have this passion for spending time in my studio. What a gift.

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