I remember the first time I discovered  handmade art jewelry in a gallery. Until then, I thought all jewelry was gemmy with a mirror polish. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but seeing all the unusual designs in front of me for the first time blew my mind. It was different. It was interesting. It was cool. I wanted to buy it, wear it,  and ultimately to make it. Since then I have never looked back. 

I am driven to find unusual stones and fossils to use as centerpieces for my work. They are most often one of a kind, making each piece that much more special. My jewelry is fabricated from start to finish by my hands, and one of a kind or limited edition. 

Home for the past 23 years has been Lamoine, Maine. I live in a rural setting near the coast and Acadia National Park. I grow lots of flowers and vegetables, and have a few pets. Inspiration is everywhere, and deep inside. I welcome studio visits but ask that you call or email first to be sure that I'll be there! I frequently have a collection of available work there. See my contact page to make a connection with me.