Nice To Meet You


Since this is my very first blog post, I thought I'd introduce myself. 

I am passionate about jewelry and making jewelry. I fell in love with jewelry when I was in my 20's and discovered art jewelry. I was in a craft store and it blew my mind to see jewelry that was obviously handmade and one of a kind. From then on I was in trouble! 

To back up a little, I studied botany in college. After some serious time off and a few adventures, I settled down and decided to finish my degree at the University of CT. Did I mention I am originally from CT? I worked in greenhouses, with a landscaper, and as a gardener for many years which I loved. I love plants! My favorite gigs involved lots of flowers and lots of color. 

Once I got married, we moved to Maine. I was still gardening. Then we had a baby and I cut back my work hours to 3 days a week, which was great. My son's nanny had to move when he was 3 and I decided to stay home with him. It turned out, I loved that too!

Meanwhile in the background is me always making things: sewing, knitting, embroidering, beading, and on and on.  I even made a quilt once. I started beading all the time and realized I could make some pretty cool art jewelry with beads and so I did. 

I wanted to make the metal components for my jewelry so I started acquiring the tools and taking some metalsmithing lessons at night. I practiced on and off for years until I finally felt like I got it. Then the metalwork replaced the beadwork and that's where I am now. There are so many things percolating in the back of my head...all the time. I don't think any material has ever inspired me like working with silver and gold.  It's fun and challenging and I love wearing it!

That brings me right up to now. I am still in love with metalsmithing, and as it turns out, running my little business. I love my customers and seeing them be transformed when they try on a beautiful piece of jewelry. Jewelry can be so powerful!

When I'm not working on or in my business, I am outside making the most of this beautiful place I live. I love to hike, jump on the bike, go for a run, garden or whatever seems to be right, at the moment. It all feeds the soul.


  • 10 years ago I happen to find a Eileen Fisher evening dress on sale in this amazing silk brocade. Black in one light, green in another and purple in another. I wanted a special bracelet for and Jackie came through. A beaded cuff. Thank you Jackie for having vision.

    Lynne Wooby
  • I remember first meeting you decades ago and enjoying your beaded color explosions. I treasure my pieces you made and I look forward to the day I own one of your metal art pieces too.

    Jodie Aragona
  • May I say I had the great privilege of working with Jackie way back when! I’ve never met a more talented gardener or nicer person!
    I’m fortunate to own one of her beaded hair clips. Every time I wear it I receive compliments! It’s the nicest hand made gift I have ever gotten!!!
    Rock on Jackie! You’re amazing!
    Sending love and hugs!!!

    Cherie Weed
  • Hi Jackie, I have followed your work for years now and am amazed at what you have accomplished and created, it is beautiful and amazing. Your blog was cool too, keep doing what makes you and many other people happy.

    frank hitchens

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